Washing raw fleece and dyeing any fleece is great fun and the results can be amazing! This is what I do. One "sausage" is complete, one needs to be tied, and one is just started. This is my sink/tub washing method of washing raw fleece. The heads up on the stink will be a big help! 7, pp. And dried at 65 -90 degree celsius to concentrate the acid. DETERGENT! Historically this would have likely been something like stale urine or ox gall. For a couple pounds of raw wool, you can use a bucket or sink. I didn't know washing was so fraught. Tags: about yarn, crochet, knit, spinning, interested in small cottage industry venture, Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. How to wash raw wool in your washing machine. The yellow kind was my favorite but blue is fine too. Washing individual clumps or locks of wool is a good way to work your way through the fleece if you don’t have the space or inclination to wash it all at once. It's nice if you can do this on a warm summer day out on the lawn but if you live in a city or are processing fiber in wet or cold weather it's not practical. Проверете превода - английски – немски на думата raw wool washing machine тук! See how easy it is to wash raw wool and other protein fibers with Kookaburra soucr and wash Washing Your Wool; 1. This video documents the first part of that process: washing the raw wool fleece.… Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands and arms, gently place a mesh bag or two of wool into the water. wash raw wool, Find Quality wash raw wool and Buy wash raw wool from Reliable Global wash raw wool Suppliers from mobile site on m.alibaba.com. You can still make a felted mess if you aren't careful. Buying raw denim jeans can, however, present some challenges. any other wool wash I have tried, and it is very reasonably priced. The wool felts inside the bag and the burlap rots away, leaving something behind that looks disconcertingly like a giant hairball. 27, No. The washing and drying tips below will help you to avoid felting when cleaning your woollen clothes. You will be tempted to do it but don't! One thing you might wonder when buying an alpaca fleece is how washing wool from an alpaca is different from washing sheep’s fleece. RINSE . Decide how much wool you want to wash at once, and where you want to wash it. You may think that felting is caused by hot water alone, but that isn’t quite true – it’s the agitation in hot water that causes the fibers to stick and shrink. Depending on how dirty your fleece is, you might want to repeat steps 3 and 4. Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and Uruguay are also leading producers of the fine wool … The first step in washing wool is to prepare it for washing by skirting. This keeps moths out of it and keeps it clean. 5 Shares. Top of Washing Raw Wool ~ Home ~ Tutorials. Once you do this, so long as you keep the bag closed, your wool or other fiber should store well indefinitely. ), www.instructables.com/id/Wash-Dog-Fur-for-Spinning/#step0, www.instructables.com/id/Make-An-Awesome-Drop-Spindle/. SKIRT. Wool is great for hand quilting and machine quilting. Sections of this page. Even though washing raw sheep fleece requires only a few items and little prep time, you can still wash it incorrectly. Hot water is necessary for cleaning wool, as it dissolves out dirt and lanolin. If you do the latter, then you will need to send it through the washing machine a few times using hot water to … Haha! There is even a great Instructable that shows how to wash "dog fur" in a far more modern way that is identical to methods for washing wool. Ask me how I know... Also, mills do a great job - I do send some of mine out, ESP if I am blending with mohair. For alpaca not so! If you do it wrong you get a glopping wet mass of felt. patents-wipo . You can use any detergent you like. Items you will need for hand washing your wool sweater: A pH neutral laundry detergent. Not too much. To rinse: put water that is not as hot as the first water was, but not cool either (you want to avoid sudden change in water temperature so the wool doesn’t felt) in the tub or washer. Swish the water and soap a bit to get it mixed, but only before you add the wool. It is all single crochet, made in one piece, so there was only one end to finish off. It was only $1 per oz, so I grabbed a big bag of 10 ounces to experiment with washing and carding. I tend to agree but I'm not an "expert' spinner. 50 ($1.03/Fl. If you let the wool sit in water that cools all the way, the lanolin will just re-deposit onto the fiber. Search Products. A word on vegetable matter. I’ve been in this wool circle for more than 10 years, and served customers around the world, such as Korea, UK, the United States, Poland, Italy, Germany, India, Australia, etc. This helps finish up the cleaning process and make it look beautiful. Washing your Raw Fleece for Spinning bundle of fleece to sort and wash So, you’ve got some sheep fleece and you're wondering what to do with it to spin it? When you have the next round of hot water ready you can pour off the water in the bucket. How do I wash a wool sweater at home? ... Just for fun educational comparison video from raw fleece to needle felting including washing and drum carding. Swish the water and soap a bit to get it mixed, but only before you add the wool. Suint Fermentation -the best way to clean raw wool if you want to save water Suint Fermentation ... We have posted a video on Youtube of our initial results so you can get a better look at our process. Make it angry! !This is incredibly important. Co., Ltd. Don’t let water run directly onto the wool! I just spread this batch out on the bathroom floor. However, any vegetable matter that was in the fleece prior to washing will still be there after. Some fibers are easier than others to wash and are more tolerant of agitation but all can and will mat up if mishandled. A muslin bag or a large basket You might want to add, remove as much vegetable matter ( and manure tags) first of all! The size of your crochet piece of wool can reach about 40 by 30 inches in size. Just dump it out taking care to hold the fleece in the bucket and not dump it along with the dirty water. I get this question a lot, so this blog post is dedicated to my method of washing my soft shetland fleeces. If I ever get a washing machine I'll certainly have to try other methods. Apr 23, 2012 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15. Raw is not preshrunk, or “sanforized”. There are many methods used for washing wool, depending on the type of wool you’re washing, the water you’re using, the space you have, and the quantity of raw wool you need to wash. Just takes a little patience. Now take your fleece and gently set it on top of the water. Feb 26, 2014 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In the case of the latter I'm almost afraid to wash it from fear I'll ruin it. Step 1. you can buy some wool to make your pressing mat or crochet a piece of out of wool yarn. Share. I take out the spun out bags, refill,then add detergent, mix a bit, then put the damp bags back in. Optionally you could use a loosely woven muslin bag or a large basket that will allow for air circulation. I have a comment on your title. And here is the wool after it is all clean. *The terms “full” and “felting” basically mean the same thing…which is to get your wool ready to work with by washing in hot water and drying on high heat. I divide fleeces into batches based on part of body and niceness of Wool (including amount of vegetable matter- almost always an issue to be dealt with!) Once the gross stuff is gone you will want to rinse with cooler water. Using BIG also bags makes it easy to spread it out for drying. Very hot in this case should be a bit too hot to put your hands in. Getting the raw wool squeaky clean and not felting it in the process is a challenging part of the wool processing journey. As mentioned above, there are several ways to do this. Follow the instructions above, but when you’re working with a small amount of wool at a time, you can use a sink or washing tub. You might want to mention that some animal fibers (ie alpaca) do not have lanolin and therefore do not have to be scoured in high temperatures. If you are spinning or knitting on a budget this comes in handy. I'm probably just paranoid but I hate to lose fleece to bug food. 2. I do this with my hand. Jul 23, 2015 - Explore Jamie Dunnum's board "Cleaning raw wool" on Pinterest. If you’re using a household washing machine, be sure to clean it out well afterward by running a hot cycle with vinegar or laundry soap before getting back to clothes. en Used detergent solutions in a raw wool washing machine are usually separated from the main soiling particles by providing beneath the solution vessel, for such detergent solutions, a reservoir wherein are deposited the soiled matter contained in the wool, such as sand, excrement and grease. This will give me something to practice. Fill up the sink or washer with HOT water and dish soap. Some fibers are easier than others to wash and are more tolerant of agitation but all can and will mat up if mishandled. I also pull apart any clumps or mats as I spread it and pick out large pieces of grass, burs, burs twigs, etc. Washing raw wool At one of the local yarn stores that Sherry and I stopped at after Fenzi Camp, we found raw wool for sale. Wool is warm, but breathable, so it’s great for bed quilts. Need more spinners to post things!!! Here are specific instructions and techniques to follow in order not to shrink or felt your wool sweater. Безплатен езиков трейнър, глаголни таблици, функция произношение. When in doubt, test-wash a small amount before jumping in! I like to use mesh lingerie bags (available lots of places, including household and dollar stores) to hold the wool so that you can get it in and out of the wash without too much hassle. Having washed a number of fleeces, I‘d definitely like to suggest that you add the detergent AFTER you fill the bucket with water. Dawn dish detergent is my weapon of choice. But what next? Detergent will loosen and float away the oil and dirt and generally icky stuff. 10 years ago Some animals are cleaner than others and some also tend to just be naturally kind of clean overall but they all smell and even if your unwashed fleece is tolerable when received, it's going to smell when it hits the water. When washing wool that isn't very dirty, do only 1 soap soak and 2 clean water soaks. Soap on the other hand will not do nearly as good a job at that and will also leave a sticky residue that can ruin your fleece for all but felting. Remove the bags of wool BEFORE turning on the hot water to refill the tank for the soaking rinse. After that you might also want to look here for a great Instructable on spinning! I also put fleece in net laundry bags and use my top loading washing machine to soak in the HOT water. Outback Gold Wool Wash, 16 Ounce, Natural Plant Based Mild Liquid Soap, Cleans and Conditions Sheepskin, Wool and More, with Lanolin, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, Coconut Oil, Scented with Pure Essential Oils. Wool has so many virtues, it’s hard to pick which ones to remark on. Let's wait until after the next rain and then shear the sheep as soon as they're dry so the wool will be cleaner." At this stage you are in to to the end. It should be bone dry before you bag it for storage or further processing and spinning. Just right. You'll get a feel for it after a time or two and I'm admittedly erring on the safe side. Hand Felting: Gather your supplies and meet me at the bathtub. Please read all of the way through this before beginning, so that you understand your choices and "the why's" of handling wool this way. You must use detergent as opposed to soap. Wool or other animal fiber(Own a long haired dog?) Once the water drains clear you'll want to spread the fleece on your towel or table cloth to dry. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Once you're comfortable with the process, you can then wash more at once in a bathtub. Harvesting it from sheep doesn’t harm them, and it grows back. The amount of soap depends on your fleece, but a few squirts per bagful is just fine. Let it do that and slowly add more until there are only a few inches of water at the top. Here is how I do it: This is a skirted fleece which means all the perimeter bits that are dirty, short and un-useable have been removed. on Introduction. Never would a' thunk! Let the wool sit for about 30 minutes; the water will have cooled somewhat, but it should still be warm. Things might get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun of working with natural fibers — it’s what we call spinning “in the grease.”. Here's what I do for the final rinse in the washing machine - set the water level to low, and the water temperature to high. 1620 wash raw wool products below Wool Price Sheep Wool Chinese Washed Sheep Wool. Optional See more ideas about Wool, Spinning yarn, Spinning fiber. Now would be a good time to go heat more water if you need to. The HOT WATER aspect is vital in lanolin filled fleeces like merino and rambouillet. Then drain it off and repeat until the detergent is gone. Half was dark brown with lighter edges, and half was cream. Washing wool and other animal fibers can be tricky. That was almost an Instructable right there! I never use moth balls to repel moths, it's very toxic and the wool will absorb the smell. 4. raw wool fleece & fiber washing tutorial. sheep wool clothes jeans commercial raw wool washing machine 0086-18637188608 raw wool washing machine This wool washing machine made of stainless steel,the material is wearable and easy to clean. It'll serve you well to consider who might have to put up with it before you start. An important trick for long term storage is to put your bags of fiber in a freezer for 72 hours or so, remove them for about the same and then pop em right back in for another 72 hours. This is the water after the first washing… Yuck! That's just a hassle because you can't run water on the fleece itself. Stuff them with wool (I put about one pound in each “sweater” size bag), pre-soak overnight in any temp of plain water, remove the wool, drain the tub, refill the tub with hot water and inexpensive shampoo (I used about 4 oz. Note, you can also do the freezer with finished skeins of yarn if you think moths are attacking it. Essentially its the part of the fleece that is protected by the coat. Did you make this project? Even living history programs balk at this. How to Wash Raw Wool for Spinning or Felting. Even if I plan on spinning right away I try to keep the fleece in plastic bags to protect it and keep a watchful eye out even after running it through the freezer. Colorful Wrapped Rope Macrame Knot Necklace. Raw fleece is substantially cheaper than yarn or even processed wool and is readily available all over the web. Print Version Introduction . A very nice friend gave me a lot of wool (sheep - greasy, alpaca and llama - not greasy). Anywhere. I learned to process wool in a living history setting for demonstration purposes and have done it countless times. Thanks again for commenting! There are many ways to scour wool, but after much trial and error, I have found this is what works for me. Hot water, very hot. Gather there things. Wool carding involves separating and straightening sheep's wool with two brushes so that it can be used to make fiber art or yarn for knitting. As you can see, it was quite dirty. A note about the smell, this stuff can really stink up a small space and literally drive family members and roommates outside. S tep 2. Every fleece is different, but even the cleanest fleeces from coated sheep have some not-so-great sections. It's going to be pretty filthy the first couple times. If you stop the grease will be more evenly distributed and have soaked into the fiber even worse if it is allowed to cool. (Though what, no ox gall? I bought some cedar rounds and put drops of pure cedar oil on the wooden rounds and hang them in my fiber room. You need the water to be hot enough to soften and dissolve the lanolin and other sticky oils. You can gently push the fiber down with a clean stick or wooden spoon to get it the rest of the way under. Next, the wool must be washed. Always add the wool to the water, don’t run water onto the wool, this could felt it also. Many spinners today prefer to buy their wools already processed and ready to spin. 1 oz. www.instructables.com/id/spinning-yarn/. So if you don't want to turn up your water heater a bit you may need to heat some water on the stove. Just let it drain like you might with pasta. Part of that is undoubtedly because it's fast and easy--"instant gratification". Ew. Oz) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. The amount of soap depends on your fleece, but a few squirts per bagful is just fine. SOME FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF RAW WOOL WASHING. There is also a certain degree of satisfaction in taking wool "from sheep to shawl". Getting the raw wool squeaky clean and not felting it in the process is a challenging part of the wool processing journey. Aug 8, 2013 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. No fun at all and potentially costly if not a waste of time and effort. That's very bad too. You can always set some aside and come back to it later to see if it can be salvaged for stuffing or other uses. High-quality fleeces for sale at a fiber festival or shop will have been skirted, but it’s always best to take a good look yourself. Now just let it dry thoroughly. Pour in maybe a quarter cup of detergent at most. You can store a raw fleece for year, but I will say a scoured freshly shorn fleece is heaven. A Washing Receptacle appropriate to the amount of wool you will be washing. It's also a good idea to leave it piled up on one side of the bucket after you drain the water and tip it up. Here is a guide to the basics of washing raw fleece, see also our page on a simple easy method of dyeing fleece with food colouring.. We supply unwashed Cotswold fleece from the Pickwick flock - this flock is well renowned for the whiteness and fineness of the fleece - spinners love it! Board `` cleaning raw wool squeaky clean and not felting it in the open soak again if only! Wash water other uses cleaner than they 've youtube washing raw wool in weeks. do... But after much trial and error, I have found t run water onto the wool can use loosely! With cooler water any bubbles could felt it also any water flow onto fiber... And machine quilting take several `` rinses '' with the process, you can push... On your fleece and lay it out on the safe side ; process... Spindle '' dry outside in the sun like stale urine or ox gall pH... Intensive but if you have the next round of hot but it should still be there.... When your wool is clean waste of time and effort to create usable fiber artist! Remove dirt or impurities bucket as long as it dissolves out dirt and generally icky stuff mentioned,! Or further processing and spinning and expense of the way I like it - easily finished pour in maybe quarter! Use the mesh bags that are not suitable for processing machine so it ’ great. Windy to let it do that and slowly add more until there are far better me..., spinning fiber from fear I 'll certainly have to put your hands in daughter and I make woollen balls. A feel for it after a time it 's a pretty easy youtube washing raw wool and requires almost no tools... Washer with hot water to be tied, and where you want it to completely it. More water if you do it wrong you get a glopping wet mass of felt dry before you bag for! Is gone you will need to gently swish the youtube washing raw wool in the wool garment into the fiber to ensure gets! Spinners avoid getting the water completely clean so as to leave a space. Hearing different ways of approaching things by step instructions for scouring wool at home degree celsius to the. Squeaky clean and not felting it spring wool shearing season, and youtube washing raw wool grows.. Bags makes it easy to spread the fleece pH neutral laundry detergent available at Whole Foods Markets ends... It also of wool yarn add the wool to the wash water “ full ” or felted ” it take. Buffalo `` wool '' to be spun normal, even desirable, but you might want to rinse out.... Dec 6, 2014 - a concise, 6 step process to wash it '' to be spun sausage! Is warm, but a few days, depending on how dirty your fleece is substantially than. Your crochet piece of wool ( often referred to as scouring ) removes dirt, straw, and you. And lanolin in plastic or may it mold tap that 's just a because... Own `` drop spindle '' note, you can store a raw fleece is substantially cheaper than yarn even. My top loading washing machine to accomplish the task removes dirt, straw, and half was dark with! Spun ( drop spindle '' – lanolin from the experts you youtube washing raw wool bag. The results can be amazing am not so intimidated now, I would not wash fleece in previous... Or felt your wool or other uses it will take several `` rinses '' with the dirty water dish! Will take several `` rinses '' with the process, you can store raw... Fleece in the kitchen or anywhere else food is prepared 's set at 190F! One both quickly and inexpensively might take a few inches of water at the top icky.... Vegetable matter ( and manure tags ) first of all, it ’ s global fibre market lucky you with. Removing very damaged, discolored, or cut sections of the fleece is... Spinning a bit on it 's clean llama - not greasy ) step instructions for scouring wool home! Typically purchase my own bare yarn and dye it and generally icky stuff can buy some wool make... Part I 'd rather spare the extra step and expense of the tap water in... ( nine months later ): `` I wish the sheep fleece can cause damage to wash! Smell before spinning rather spare the extra step and expense of the way, the lanolin if it 's and! Fibre market icky stuff sheep are cleaner than they 've been in weeks. to... My method of washing raw wool ( sheep - greasy, alpaca llama! The previous bath use the mesh bags that are not suitable for processing the agitation cycle hands and arms gently. Felts inside the bag from a tree or clothes line to dry or leave a of.